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Aquarius Horoscope 2010
You are too tired to continue with this tempo of working. You are not in a harmony with partner and this makes you nervous. You could conclude that you got attached to a person who cannot give you what you want. If you are in marriage, fight for equality in assigning housework.
Aquarius Daily Horoscope Free
People who were born in Aquarius sign can be good communicators as long as you stay in the mental realms. Aquarius are friendly, but can become uncomfortable as you discuss your feelings. In fact, your friends are very important to you and Aquarius might be involved with groups of like-minded people in a social club, a political action group or a public service group.
The Aquarius person tends to be hard to define in personality as it frequently changes. One moment an Aquarian is expressive, interesting and active and can unexplainably become very moody and uncaring. Their serious side tends to stir to moodiness.
If people born in this sign manage overcame their sensitiveness and developed their will-power, there is no position they would not be able to attain. They are usually successful in some large sphere of action, where they can feel their responsibilities for others.
In relationships, Aquarius tends to be well liked and has the admirable characteristic of being open to all, especially those with strong individuality.

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